People's Climate March

Join us at the 

People's Climate March

Saturday, April 29


Although this is not part of Elders Climate Action Day events we will be participating!  As an Elders Climate Action delegation, we will walk in the People's Climate March, carrying our ECA banners to let everyone know that we elders are taking a stand for climate justice.  This will be an historic event and we hope you will join us in making our voices heard!

Let us know if you plan to attend the People's Climate March!  We will need help carrying our ECA banner and would love to see a large group represent the Elder's at the march.

Are you planning to attend the March? 

Click here and let us know


9 - 11 AM Begin March Line Up 
Please arrive by 11:00 AM 


Our ECA Delegation will be in the Section "Guardians of the Future" located at 3rd Street NW, between Pennsylvania Ave NW and Madison Drive NW. We will be marching with Mom's Clean Air Force. Look for our green hats and ECA banners.  (please allow ample time to park, find location, etc)


Closest Metro Station:  Union Station (red line) Federal Center SW on (blue, orange, silver line) 
We encourage you to buy Metro Card ahead of Saturday for the March.  Metro lines could be long day of march.  For Metro ticket info or for Senior Pass info Click Here


Things to Bring: 

  • Comfortable Shoes 

  • Small Snacks 

  • A Water Bottle 

  • Weather Appropriate Clothing

Things Not to Bring:

  • Any Unnecessary Items (Don't weigh yourself down)

  • Weapons of Any Kind (Scissors, Knifes, Mace, Etc)

  • Any Federally Illicit Substances



 If you haven't done so already, don't forget to

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