Citizen Climate Lobby- Lobbying Trainings

Lobbying Trainings for Grandparents Climate Action Day

August 20th: Lobbying 101

During this webinar you will learn the basics of congress, the importance of building political relationship, and tools to help you feel more comfortable lobbying as a citizen. 

August 27th: Lobbying 201: Before the Meeting

Lobbying 201 covers how to prepare for lobbying, including: research, assigning roles, and the importance of practicing

September 1: Lobbying 301: Meeting Flow and Important Elements

During this training you will learn about the different elements of a lobbying meeting, logistics and special scenarios, and meeting flow.

September 3: Lobbying 401: Handling difficult situations & advanced lobbying skills

The last training before GCAD will explore tricky situations that may arise during lobbying and prepare you go out on your own.